What is a Technology Channel Partner?

Posted by MHO Networks on May 15, 2024 10:00:00 AM

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, maintaining competitive advantage often hinges on strategic partnerships and expanded market reach. This is where the concept of a technology channel partner becomes crucial. But what exactly does this term mean, and why is it significant for tech companies?

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Topics: Business Internet, Connectivity, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Cloud Applications, IT Manager, MPLS, Channel Partner, IT Planning, Capacity Planning

What Is a Fast Upload and Download Speed for Business?

Posted by MHO Networks on May 7, 2024 10:01:00 AM

When assessing the optimal internet speeds for business operations, it's important to consider various factors such as the type of business, the volume of data handled, and the specific online activities conducted daily. This guide will explore what constitutes fast upload and download speeds and how to select the right internet plan for your business needs, emphasizing the advantages of dedicated wireless internet as a primary solution.

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Topics: Fixed Wireless, High Speed Internet, Internet Access, Business Internet, Connectivity, microwave transmission, Internet Service Provider (ISP), MPLS, Wireless

Why Is My Internet Slow at Work? Unraveling the Mystery

Posted by MHO Networks on Apr 30, 2024 9:30:00 AM

In today's digital age, a fast and reliable internet connection is the backbone of productivity in the workplace. However, many employees find themselves asking, "Why is my internet slow at work?" This frustration can stem from various factors, ranging from network congestion to outdated infrastructure. Let's delve into the common reasons and solutions to enhance your workplace's internet speed.

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Topics: Fixed Wireless, Fiber, High Speed Internet, Internet Access, Business Internet, Connectivity, microwave transmission, Internet Service Provider (ISP), FCC Licensed, Fast Installation, MPLS, Wireless, Data Usage

What is Metro Ethernet?

Posted by MHO Networks on May 18, 2021 11:41:00 AM

Metro Ethernet is a network that provides point-to-point or multipoint Internet and connectivity services over a metropolitan area. Currently, about 98% of all data traffic begins and terminates on an Ethernet network. Metro Ethernet was spawned from Local Area Network (LAN) technology, eventually replacing more low-speed Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies.

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Topics: Metro Ethernet, MPLS, Network Access

3 Scary Things That Will Keep IT Leaders Up at Night

Posted by MHO Networks on Oct 31, 2019 10:15:00 AM

Technology of varying levels is imperative for businesses both large and small. As a CTO, CIO, or leader of a tech team, you have many frightening responsibilities. The success of your company can soar as high as a full moon, or plummet to grave-like depths, according to how well you: 


  • Build a company plan for using technology
  • Teach new technologies and how to use them to staff 
  • Test and integrate new technology and infrastructure

Many times these tasks can seem like rebuilding the Frankenstein monster. The nature and complexity of the job and its demands are enough to keep all but the bravest IT professionals up at night. After working with many of these leaders, MHO has compiled our list of the 3 scariest things that can keep IT leaders up at night. 

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Topics: Downtime, IT Manager, MPLS, Colorado Business, Bay Area Business, Dallas Business, Los Angeles Business, Orange County Business, San Diego Business, Network Efficiency, Inland Empire Business, Technology, CIO

Avoid Cyber Hacks Without Cutting Efficiencies Between Your Business Locations

Posted by MHO Networks on May 14, 2019 10:18:00 AM

Organizations with many locations that must communicate with each other for their internal applications to run smoothly are vulnerable to cyber hacks. An MPLS network is the best way to manage this risk and avoid cyber attacks without losing the efficiencies of staying connected between multiple locations.

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Topics: Security, Network Security, Avoid Cyber Attacks, MPLS

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