Benefits of Fixed Wireless Internet in California

Posted by MHO Networks on Feb 28, 2023 9:30:00 AM

California is unique; not only in its climate and lifestyle, but in business. Technology is a key driver and The Golden State is a major port to Asia and other areas of the world. This presents unique technology needs. If you are only relying on fiber for your business Internet, your company is wide open to disaster. Consider the benefits of California fixed wireless Internet solutions for your business. 

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How to Work in IT Asynchronously

Posted by MHO Networks on Oct 13, 2022 10:12:56 AM

At this point, we all know the story of the pandemic and the changes it brought to the future of work. Perhaps at the top of the list of changes is the growth and permanence of IT hybrid work. Recent data seems to support the premise that it is here to stay.  

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The Effects of Weather on Internet ISPs

Posted by MHO Networks on Dec 14, 2021 1:43:59 PM

The effects of weather on Internet have been a concern since the earliest days of world-wide connectivity. Although modern components and networks have evolved and become more reliable, weather can still have an impact on Internet performance and uptime. Unfortunately, many companies do not factor this into their considerations when making decisions about the Internet and networking. 

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Topics: Internet Service Provider (ISP), Reliability, Inclement Weather

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