Issues with Last Mile Internet

Posted by MHO Networks on Apr 16, 2024 9:45:00 AM

Last Mile Internet (1)The Internet has become an essential part of our lives, connecting people and businesses across the globe. However, the internet infrastructure faces several issues, one of which is the last mile Internet problem.

What is Last Mile Internet?

Techopedia adequately defines the last mile Internet problem as “...a gap between a broadband internet service provider's infrastructure and a customer's home or workplace.” Last mile connectivity is one of the biggest headaches many businesses face when trying to maintain fast and reliable Internet services outside heavily populated urban areas. This is only a figurative term — the actual distance is often more than a mile. 

Think of the last mile as the driveway that connects the Internet highway to your building. This last segment of the connection has the most potential for bottlenecks and slowdowns. Congestion from traffic, differences in peering agreements, various blocking and content scanning, lack of Internet exchange points, deliberate slowdowns, and more all occur at the ISP level. This last mile Internet area comprises about 20% of the total path, yet it frequently accounts for 80% of the overall network costs and problems

Some Concerning Issues with Last Mile Internet

Internet speed and connectivity are vitally important in today’s uber-connected society. Businesses need fast and reliable networking and Internet infrastructure in order to operate efficiently. Here are several concerning issues with last mile Internet that businesses must face. 

Remote Areas

Internet service providers (ISPs) often neglect remote areas due to infrastructure development and maintenance costs. The last mile problem is particularly severe in rural areas with low population density. Remote locations suffer from extreme distances between the service provider's distribution point and the customer's premises. 

This lack of internet connectivity can lead to a digital divide, where people in remote areas are left behind regarding access to information and communication. Even if service is provided, the connections can be spotty, affecting customers’ ability to communicate and operate effectively. 

Exchange Points That Span Miles

Internet Exchange Points are nodes created to shorten the routes of Internet traffic. Imagine traveling across town and back just to visit your next-door neighbor. Much Internet traffic does the same thing unless these exchange points are in place to provide shorter routes. This makes cheaper, faster, and more efficient networking possible between local areas. 

Exchange points that span miles also contribute to the last mile Internet problem. These exchange points are essential for Internet connectivity, but the long distance between them and your business premises can cause connectivity issues. These issues include slow internet speeds, dropped connections, and intermittent connectivity.

Customer Service

Poor customer service can also contribute to the last mile internet problem. Customers who face internet connectivity issues rely on their service providers for assistance. However, poor customer service can lead to delays in resolving issues, leaving customers without internet connectivity for extended periods.

Another customer service-related issue is throttling. Internet throttling is when an ISP intentionally limits your Internet bandwidth or speed. They may do this to enforce data caps, help deal with network congestion, or discourage clients from using certain Internet applications. If you are already experiencing last mile problems, throttling may be a measure your ISP employs to try to limit traffic and alleviate some of the issues. 

MHO Can Help Solve Issues with Last Mile Internet

The last mile Internet problem is a complex issue that affects Internet connectivity across the globe. The issues mentioned above can contribute to the problem, resulting in slow Internet speeds, dropped connections, and intermittent connectivity.

MHO is uniquely positioned to help with the last mile problems that medium to enterprise-sized businesses commonly face. Because we provide high-speed bandwidth using FCC-licensed, point-to-point Fixed Wireless Technology, our service can solve many last mile problems and keep your company functioning at the speed of business. 

Contact MHO today to learn more about how we can help with your last mile needs.

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