Best Newsletters for IT Leaders

Posted by MHO Networks on Sep 19, 2023 9:15:00 AM

Best Newsletters for IT Leaders

Oh no! Another newsletter just landed in my inbox! McKinsey & Company reports that most workers spend 28% of their workday dealing with email. Business News Daily reports that 74% of Americans subscribe to more than one email newsletter.

Before you delete the offending publication, think about what you could gain. The best newsletters for IT leaders could contain critical tips and information you can’t afford to miss. 

  • Industry news
  • Money-saving deals 
  • Insider insights 
  • New product reviews
  • Leadership and teambuilding tips
  • Education and training opportunities 
  • More… 

Information technology newsletters run the gamut from leadership development to industry focus to pure advertising. Wise IT leaders should subscribe to newsletters offering a variety of viewpoints and focus areas that bit your needs and interests. Avoid strictly marketing newsletters that only try to sell you something with no real benefit. 

Here’s some of our favorite newsletters for IT leaders organized by category. Check them out and share your favorites with us.  


Brain Food — Avoid the rush of weekday email clutter with this email newsletter that arrives on Sundays. More leisurely enjoyment allows you to engage on a higher level with thought-provoking content to help you with IT concerns and life in general. Powerful quotes and actionable advice are simply put for easy digestion. For example, a newsletter from June 2023 entitled “Avoiding Problems” lays out steps for building a better life and work experience: ambitions, expectations, and high standards must all be handled well, and this edition gives practical tips to show you how. 

The Hustle — This exceptional newsletter for IT leaders is a management-focused quick read with interesting business stories, trends in technology, finance concerns, and online interests. Millions of users receive this free newsletter six days a week. Get ready for fun observations, stories, and insights into multiple industries. 

Hypercontext - This leading newsletter for IT leaders and managers contains thought-provoking questions, advice, and resources you can use in your department and career every day. There are also live sessions that dive deeper into select topics of interest from leading experts and specialists. 

New Technologies and Industry News

TLDR — Keep up with the most relevant industry news and tech in short, concise news roundups about programming, big tech, startups, science, data, design, and more. Easily search through the topics and titles to find what interests you most and prevent wasting time on what’s not important. 

The Download - Get ready for this modern colorful weekly newsletter for IT leaders that packs loads of relevant content and interesting perspectives into a highly attractive publication. Subscription options are also available for specific newsletters about AI, blockchain, economy in tech, space tech, and many other niche topics. Choose your favorites to get only what you want or need the most. 

Bizarro Devs — Get three key stories in each issue for easily digestible tech news that may not be on popular media’s radar. Look for their popular “Ten Must-see Links of the Month” for intriguing and shareable quirky tech-related statistics and items of casual and professional interest. 

Career Development

The Forbes Careers — Forbes has long been a prime source for custom newsletters that meet specific needs like innovation, popular news, IT, finance, legal, and career advice. The Career newsletter showcases the best career news, advice, inspiration, and opportunities each week, plus gives sound advice about work-life balance, salary and benefit issues, and getting the best out of your chosen career. 

WorkITDaily — Subscribe to this newsletter for IT leaders only of you want interesting, actionable advice that can help you navigate your career with confidence. Get networking skills, improve your resume, and find the career opportunities that fit you best, according to the most critical concerns. You can even get strategies for impressive interviews with prospective employers. Subscribing is free and well worth your time. 

Tips for Enjoying the Best Newsletters for IT Leaders 

We know you’re busy with no time to waste, so here are our best tips for enjoying the best newsletters that boost your IT career. 

  • Take out the trash: try out different newsletters but don’t be afraid to get rid of the ones that don’t mesh with you. Be sure to unsubscribe and not just delete. 
  • Set aside time for newsletters: like other email, newsletters can consume huge blocks of time. Carve out a specific time block to enjoy the relevant ones to you get their benefits and don’t allow yourself to waste time following extra links and ads. Stick to the timeframe you choose (no more than 30 minutes). 
  • Organize your email to group newsletters together: set your email to automatically group newsletters into a select folder so you can find and enjoy them easier. They won’t get lost in the junk folders. 
  • Share worthy elements from newsletters: your team may also benefit from some things you learn, so share relevant links and information with them. Just don’t overload their inboxes with extraneous information that isn’t useful. 

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