Buying Enterprise Internet Service Can Be Spooky

Posted by MHO Networks on Oct 19, 2021 8:45:00 AM

Buying Internet Can Be SpookyWhat could be more terrifying than buying Internet in today’s cluttered digital landscape? With so many choices available (fixed wireless, fiber, satellite, cable) and so many providers vying for business, and offering so many options, who wouldn’t be terrified at the very thought of facing this gauntlet? 

What are the terrifying aspects of buying Internet and making the wrong choices? 

Not Meeting an Installation Deadline

Although there should be a much better process by now, the typical business Internet installation takes weeks or months to complete. This is especially true with many fiber installations that require extensive infrastructure planning and installation, digging, line laying, surmounting obstacles, and more. Plus, the permits required and incredibly high costs can terrify the hardest business owner. 

Of course, a fixed wireless installation is much simpler, from beginning to end. Installing your equipment and connecting you to the Internet can be accomplished within 10 business days of obtaining roof rights to your building. 

Limited Bandwidth 

Many providers that offer enterprise level Internet access don’t really provide the levels of bandwidth many companies require. Your business is destined to compete with bottlenecks as you join several other businesses on the same fiber or cable Internet connection. And, when you need an increase, the request can be met with delay, excuses, or flat refusals unless you pay more. 

Your MHO fixed wireless Internet connection features completely scalable bandwidth to meet your business needs. And, we respond to requests for increasing bandwidth quickly, the same day, and often within the hour. We also offer a free download simulator to help you determine the level of bandwidth you need. 

Data Caps/Throttling 

Another bandwidth/speed issue your company may face with other providers is data caps and throttling after you use a certain amount of bandwidth. Although their service is touted as business-class, this type of behavior only proves that they are not capable of handling business-level service demands. Restricting your bandwidth and data usage seriously hampers your business, often at critical times. 

MHO doesn’t throttle your data usage like the Boston Strangler — you enjoy full access to all the data and bandwidth you require, with incredibly fast responses to upgrade requests and superior connections all the time. 

Costly Downtime 

What could be scarier when buying Internet than the incredible costs of downtime? And these costs are calculated in more than just money. You can lose clients, destroy employee morale, and create a negative reputation that is hard to overcome. Major carriers routinely suffer outages caused by construction, power outages, and more; and these problems are beyond your control. 

MHO fixed wireless Internet is a superb solution for this problem. Fixed wireless can become a secondary, backup, connection for diversity/redundancy that guarantees your connectivity even when your primary connection fails. 

Long Repair Times 

Who hasn’t experienced the scary-long wait times with Internet provider customer service? By the time you work your way through the automated system, and then wait until grey hair sprouts (or you pull your hair out in frustration), you have already lost incredible amounts of productivity, resources, reputation, and more. Even if you do get through, the wait times for repairs when you have problems make you wish for a chainsaw! 

MHO fixed wireless comes with enterprise class SLA guarantees for uptime and customer service. We take our service to clients seriously, and our reputation and customer satisfaction rating proves it. 

Is Fixed Wireless Really Reliable? 

Perhaps there is no greater fear when buying Internet services for your business than making the wrong choice and being stuck with it. At MHO, we are constantly asked, “Is fixed wireless really reliable?” We are pleased to answer in the affirmative in every case. Plus, we love demonstrating just how reliable: 

Avoid the the horror-story, MHO provides superior enterprise level Internet connectivity and networking that is FCC licensed, with guaranteed 99.99% uptime and reliability. Through our dedicated point-to-point fixed wireless technology, our equipment offers adaptive modulation for overcoming inclement weather and more modern innovations. MHO can relieve your fears and remove the terror of choosing the best business Internet. 

Why not contact MHO today and let us calm your fears about buying Internet? 

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