Digital Transformation Goes Nowhere without the Network

Posted by MHO Networks on Oct 9, 2017 6:00:00 AM

October blog 1  (1).jpgDigital transformation; as the name suggests, it's a complete transformation of even the most basic business and organizational processes. It's taking businesses from “the way we've always done it” to “how we'll be doing it tomorrow.” Yet we don't make that leap in isolation. We need the right kind of network to make our transformation truly occur.

What Impact Does Network Performance Have on Digital Transformation?

Trying to carry out digital transformation without a proper network is like trying to race a Bugatti on a dirt road. You can do it, but you won't be satisfied with the results. Without that proper bandwidth to support them, all those terrific digital initiatives collapse under a mountain of performance issues.

Bandwidth issues. A Salesforce study found that 79% of marketing leaders believed mobile marketing is core to business operations, and 82% said the same for social media. Without enough bandwidth to make all those connections, a core part of marketing operations is inaccessible.

Latency issues. The time that data takes to make the connections between incoming and outgoing operations also means issues for digital transformation. The more lag there is, the more annoyed the end user will be, and the less likely that user will be to actually use the new technology.

Flexibility issues. A network that performs well does so in a variety of circumstances. With a digital transformation, users have to be ready for a variety of different conditions; intermittently high and low use, consistently high use, and more. A flexible network can address these issues and provide the best platform regardless of conditions.

What Other Facets of the Network Impact Digital Transformation?

It's also important to note other issues besides performance in building the network that's ready for a digital transformation. Having a handle on these issues will better produce the network that can handle the changing conditions.

Security. Digital transformation means a lot more information on the network, and that makes for a more attractive prize for hackers. This requires a stepped-up security presence to address the growing threat.

Staffing. While a digital transformation can produce efficiencies that may make some think twice about hiring new staff, remember that all those new apps will require foundations for use on local systems, and some new apps will be produced. Stripping IT to bare bones levels may prove counterproductive.

How Do I Get My Network Ready for Digital Transformation? 

Contact us at MHO if you have questions about how to prepare your network for the future. We've got the background in high-performance internet capability to get your network ready to not just survive a digital transformation, but thrive in it as well. From Ethernet services to gigabit internet access, we've got just what you need to get the digital transformation job done.

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