Making a Better Network: Speed, Latency, Cloud Adoption

Posted by MHO Networks on Nov 20, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Making a Better Network Speed, Latency, Cloud Adoption (1)The notion of a better network is different for most everybody, but some common facets emerge. Issues of speed and latency are naturally important, but so too is the issue of cloud adoption rates. These issues all go hand-in-hand to make a better network, and where one improves, the other two are likely to improve as well.

How Do I Improve Speed and Latency in My Network?

There are some ways to improve speed and latency, though not all of these will produce outstanding results. Some factors are simply just not possible to improve.

Reduce total devices on the network. The more devices operating, the more demand there will be on available bandwidth. By reducing the total number of devices, you lessen the overall demand and improve network speeds and signal response time.

Use SD-WAN in the network. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a system that allows users to improve the flow of traffic at the network's endpoints. With SD-WAN in place, users should be able to see a difference in overall operations thanks to a more orderly use of traffic.

Improve network capacity. There's an old principle called a bottleneck; the system can only move as fast as its most constrained part. If that particular part is the overall network capacity, improving capacity on the network may remove the bottleneck and make things go more smoothly.

Obey standard updates. Sometimes, speed and latency issues can be addressed by just keeping up with firmware updates. Firmware updates help keep things running at the very latest version, with all the newest improvements brought out.

How Do I Improve Cloud Adoption in My Network?

Improving cloud adoption, meanwhile, starts by improving the network. Anyone who wants to improve overall cloud adoption rates needs to make sure that the cloud isn't a hindrance, but a help. Pointing out the benefits of cloud adoption--showing off just what cloud-based tools can do, calling attention to improvements in mobility, and other such matters--can also be beneficial. Get people interested in what the cloud can do, and improving cloud adoption rates should follow as long as the network is in the right position to actually run cloud services.

How Do I Start to Get a Better Network in General?

Improving the network overall tends to help with the right connectivity. Just drop a line to MHO Networks, where a variety of connectivity types are on hand to get the best for your business. Whether it's dedicated internet, last mile options, or Metro Ethernet tools, MHO Networks can address several key fronts to produce the best in bandwidth for speed, latency, and cloud adoption.

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