5 Ways Fixed Wireless Can Answer Business Connectivity Problems

Posted by MHO Networks on Oct 16, 2017 6:00:00 AM

5 Ways Fixed Wireless Can Answer Business Connectivity Problems (1)Fixed wireless offers several advantages that make it able to address many of the connectivity problems we see in business.

Great latency improvements. Latency, the delay involved in a signal traveling back and forth between connection points, can be brought down to around the same latency or even better as a fiber connection, despite the fact there are no wires. It has a comparatively short transmission distance, so it takes advantage of that to make a faster signal.

Reduced concern for location. With fixed wireless, more places can receive higher-quality internet access that might not be available with terrestrial networks. 

Plenty of bandwidth. Many fixed wireless providers offer services on an unlimited basis. Using point-to-point microwave technology means using an internet connection dedicated just for your business. Get the bandwidth you need without concern that large files or other large applications might suddenly scuttle your connection rates.

Improved Reliability. Some wireless connection types, like satellite or 4G, have a tendency to lose capability in inclement weather or when operating in an area that doesn't have a strong enough signal.  Today's fixed wireless technology helps ensure a strong connection even the worst weather. 

Speeds on par with the best.  With speeds starting at 5 Mbps, internet speeds over fixed wireless connection in most cases are the same as those achieved over any terrestrial connection.

How Do I Get Started With Fixed Wireless?

If you're ready to make the jump to fixed wireless, a great place to start is with us at MHO. Get in touch with us to join a growing number of firms like Regis University and Elevations Credit Union who have already taken advantage of our top-notch service. 

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