Internet Service Won't be the Same as SD-WAN Evolves

Posted by MHO Networks on Dec 18, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Internet Service Wont be the Same (1)Shopping for internet service can be one of the most thankless and exhausting of chores there is. With options limited by geography, such a project often becomes one of shopping for the best among what's actually possible, not what's actually best. Even with this massive issue afoot, there's an even bigger dilemma to come, and this time, the ISPs might be just as hard-hit as their customers. More specifically, it's SD-WAN's steady growth, and its ability to accommodate multiple service providers at once.

How Will SD-WAN Change How I Shop for Internet Access?

One of SD-WAN's central features will permit, even require, changes in how we shop for internet access at the enterprise level.

Multiple providers. Since most SD-WAN platforms allow users the option to use multiple service providers at once, those who want to get the most out of things like real time communications should consider using SD-WAN and multiple providers.

New ways to evaluate quality. With the ability to use multiple providers at once, those looking for service will not only have to evaluate each firm individually, but also how well firms work together. There may ultimately be interoperability scales for providers, and businesses making selections based on how well firms work together to provide service in the larger scale.

Improved routing. Having multiple providers in play, which SD-WAN operations allow for—allows the user to route traffic over multiple carrier networks. This ensures the smoothest traffic flow and the best end user experience.

How Will SD-WAN Change How Providers Offer Internet Access?

The ISP, meanwhile, will be forced to adapt as never before to hold business.

No more monopolies. In some areas, one ISP provides most all of the traffic. With SD-WAN allowing for multiple providers, customers will clamor for such access and all but require monopolist ISPs to either encourage new competitors or establish “bundle deals” with other providers to get that part of SD-WAN running.

Traffic sharing. ISPs may even have to directly combine efforts; with customers actively wanting access to multiple providers at once, ISPs may have to restructure their operations to accommodate this desire. ISPs may have to actually share traffic, allowing for multiple pathways to be used at once.

How Should I Start Shopping for Internet Service with SD-WAN?

While SD-WAN's impact on internet access shopping hasn't fully hit yet, it's good to be prepared. The best preparation starts by getting in touch with us at MHO. We've got an extensive background in providing internet access of several types, including private line and metro Ethernet service. With those tools on hand, you'll be better equipped to take on a future of multiple providers, so just drop us a line to get started.

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