New “MHO Link” Fills a Need for a Dedicated Network Serving Multiple Teams and Locations

Posted by MHO Networks on Jan 18, 2022 8:00:00 AM

New Product-MHO LinkThere are new needs for fast and secure data transfers that arise all the time- especially between buildings and departments that are in close proximity. Consider the following example scenarios from real-life business growth needs.

  • Your growing biotechnology company is expanding into a nearby building, but problems emerge getting the fiber company to connect this new location. 
  • Warehousing operations with separate departments in multiple buildings all need seamless data transfer and communication to operate. How do you connect them all or add another location to an existing network quickly and affordably? 
  • Hospitals need secure and fast data transfer capabilities when partnering with nearby auxiliary labs and supporting clinics. How can you connect these networks?
  • Your family of automobile dealerships has grown successfully, and you have expanded to a new property with another car manufacturer. How can you create a network for this dealer while connecting them to your existing master network? 

In many of these instances, a fiber line might not be available; or, you may want to look into having a redundancy plan in place with another Internet connection. 

The need for fast, dedicated Internet availability is vital. Fiber build-outs often take months, if not years, and often get pushed back. With a dedicated solution like MHO Link, you will be up and running in a matter of days-guaranteed.

What is MHO Link?

MHO Link is a new product that allows you to connect separate, nearby workspaces for effective collaboration. 

Collaborative teams are essential in scaling businesses, but a common problem arises when multi-functional teams are not all in one location. This makes it more challenging for teams to communicate and complete projects. Having connectivity issues will hinder productivity and inhibit the growth of your organization. How will you solve this problem?

MHO Link can help by bringing your teams together utilizing millimeter-wave radio technology. Your IT team has total control of a custom, private network that MHO creates. We install a new connection between your buildings (similar to dark fiber) and elevate it by utilizing our wave technology to bring service with: 

  • Minimal build costs
  • Quick install time frames
  • No concerns about cable cuts
  • Large data transfers
  • High bandwidth connectivity 

MHO can connect your locations that are within a 5-mile radius and have a direct line of sight to each other. 

When is MHO Link Ideal for Your Business?

What types of businesses and industries can benefit from MHO Link? How about yours? Do you struggle with any of the following challenges? 

  • Need to extend a current connection from one location to another
  • Have multiple cross-functional teams on a business campus that need to connect 
  • Need true redundancy to fiber between buildings
  • Have an urgent timeline needing expedited install within days, not weeks or months
  • Need scalable, cost-effective custom private line service
  • Need to alleviate the burden of costs and long time frames of a fiber build-out

Level Up with MHO Managed Link

How could we make this any better? Your business may also encounter an additional scenario where an extra layer of support is needed. Your needs demand a skilled team that actively monitors, maintains, and can troubleshoot your circuit in real-time. With MHO Managed Link added into your service, you have this option at your convenience!

MHO Managed Link service allows our support team to actively monitor multiple points across your custom connection to maintain and troubleshoot your circuit in real-time. This service is best utilized when you need minimal build costs, quick install time frames, 24/7 monitoring, and no concerns about cable cuts. Through your managed link, your response time will be cut in half from our standard service offering to only 2 hours. 

We invite you to call MHO about your locations that are within a 5-mile radius, have direct line of sight, and need a connectivity solution. Utilize our newest service to transmit large data files on your own private network with high bandwidth connectivity and elite monitoring.

Are you interested in learning more about MHO Link or MHO Managed Link? Contact MHO today and speak with a team member to get started!

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