The Importance of Secure, Scalable and Dedicated Internet in Biotechnology

Posted by MHO Networks on Nov 30, 2021 9:55:00 AM

MHO BiotechBiotechnology is yet another area of industry and technology that relies heavily on stable, secure, and reliable Internet connectivity. In fact, biotechnology Internet, especially the Internet of Things (IoT), is experiencing a revolution in usage and data sharing. More than ever, companies and researchers are depending on the Internet for communication, operations, data-sharing, and information storage. 

What is Biotech? 

Biotechnology is a science-driven industry sector that uses living organisms and molecular biology to produce healthcare-related products.” 

This includes medicine, pharmaceuticals, genomics, food production, biofuels, and more. It affects every aspect of our society, keeping us safe, helping the environment, as well as producing a more productive society. Other hugely important results of biotechnology include antibiotics, artificial hormone therapy, and vaccines. 

However, now more than ever, biotech has become instrumental in advancing progress in agriculture and food production. In one example, DNA is modified to produce crops that are genetically resilient to common diseases or pests. These crops can then grow naturally and more abundantly without the aid of harmful pesticides or other chemicals. This makes for a safer food source that is also environmentally friendly in its production. 

What Are Some Positive Impacts of Biotechnology Internet and the IoT?

Biotech is one of the industries benefiting the most from the Internet of Things and advanced technologies. The speed of computations, elimination of human errors, and proliferation of biotechnology Internet availability options make it possible to have accelerated outcomes and experiments leading to well-tested new products and solutions to problems. 

IoT and Agriculture 

In addition to the genetic engineering of plants mentioned above, robotics and smart sensors connected through biotechnology Internet allow farmers to enhance measures for irrigation, fertilization, sunlight absorption, and more. This real-time data provides farmers with valuable growth information so they can make adjustments that allow for even greater yields of healthy plants. 

Smart greenhouses filled with IoT-based sensors control humidity, pressure, light, temperature, and other factors automatically to save costs, energy, and human labor, and result in increased productivity. 

Drones to monitor huge growing fields are connected to the cloud to send real-time data on plant height, predicted crop yield, nutritional compositions, mapping, and more. 

IoT and Pharmaceuticals 

Various sensors and smart packing labels allow for tracking, inventory control, and even temperature-sensitive monitoring of pharmaceutical products, reducing waste and confusion in storage and shipping. 

Wearable sensors and even smart ingestibles that connect to the IoT can relay real-time data to health care providers and pharmaceutical companies to transform patient care and medication development. 

The Importance of Redundant, Stable, and Dedicated Biotechnology Internet 

Of course, the almost unlimited potential of IoT in biotechnology requires a dedicated, stable, and reliable Internet connection. Consider the myriad of devices and components involved in various elements of biotech that depend on the Internet: 

  • Actuators 
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Gateways
  • Irrigation Modules
  • Photovoltaic Panels
  • Power Supplies
  • Processors
  • Routers 
  • Sensors
  • Scanners 
  • Security Modules
  • Tracking Devices
  • Transceivers 
  • Wearables 

Fixed Wireless for Reliable Biotechnology Internet 

Modern biotech demands require reliable Internet availability on-site to meet real-time data and critical operational demands. Widespread operations and distances between research centers can make connectivity a problem, particularly when more traditional Internet infrastructure becomes compromised. Plus, remote farming or other operations may not be near existing networks. 

Dedicated fixed wireless Internet is the solution for biotechnology research and production centers that need reliable, secure, and dedicated Internet connectivity. Fixed wireless, point-to-point microwave radios and secure towers provide reliable and easily installed Internet access that is not affected by weather or other environmental factors. Dedicated wireless can even provide critical redundancy as a backup system in the event of a failure in your primary Internet connection. 

Contact MHO to check for availability in your area and learn more about how dedicated fixed wireless can meet your needs and surpass your expectations for biotechnology Internet.

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