Remote Locations Don’t Have Fiber - What Do You Do?

Posted by MHO Networks on Sep 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Remote InternetWhether your particular industry is warehousing, logistics, construction, healthcare, or financial services, reliable and dedicated Internet is vital. Within larger cities and metro areas, the choices are many, including combination options for guaranteed diversity and redundancy. But what about remote location Internet options? 

Smaller, outlying communities and remote job locations can be handicapped by a lack of availability or options for internet and networking. The go-to solution for most businesses is fiber — but what do you do when fiber isn’t available in your location? Installing a fiber connection to where you are can be astronomically expensive and not really feasible, if not impossible. 

In this situation, typical redundancies may not exist. This means you need to have the most reliable and secure option you can find. Your primary options will likely be cellular, satellite, or dedicated fixed wireless. We explain these differences below. 

Cellular Service

Outlying and/or remote locations will not have more options with cellular Internet service. Even with the recent push toward 5G and a national focus on improving infrastructure across the United States, cellular service is simply not designed to handle the loads of data and speeds necessary to meet the needs of modern business. 

Even if cellular service is available, newer, faster 5G technology requires a completely new infrastructure buildout of smaller, more numerous nodes for effectiveness. Plus, the security issues with 5G will pose more problems than solutions for businesses that depend on secure networking and transfer of data. 

The Internet needs of businesses will not be met by 5G technology; the design of 5G makes scaling it until it can replace wired broadband or fixed wireless virtually impossible in terms of coverage, cost, security, and overall dependability. “At this point in time, 5G service that moves with high speed, low latency, tight security, and at least 99.99% uptime reliability is an unrealized dream of the cloudy future.”


Satellite Internet has been an option for outlying or remote locations for some time. The information signals are sent from a ground station to a satellite in orbit, where they are transferred back down to another distant ground station that has a more stable, wired connection, like fiber broadband. 

The problem with this solution for businesses is the significant lag caused by sending data 23,000 miles up and then 23,000 miles down. Companies or operations that require a fast or constant data transfer will find this huge latency problem a hindrance to their business. Another barrier is weather, which affects satellite transmissions and can effectively sever your vital Internet and networking communications. A storm thousands of miles away can block your satellite transmission due to the distances they must travel.

And speaking of infrastructure, how much does it cost to launch and maintain satellites in outer space, much less direct communications to them and back to other stations? Most satellite Internet companies impose data caps and higher pricing for businesses that demand more bandwidth, making it cost-prohibitive for most businesses. 

Dedicated Fixed Wireless

Compare those remote location Internet options to a fixed wireless connection that relies on secure radio waves from nearby towers to an antenna mounted on your roof. The signal is beamed directly from one point to another, even into outlying or remote locations, and not bounced thousands of miles through the atmosphere. 

How is fixed wireless different? MHO uses carrier-class, full duplex radios with the latest in point-to-point microwave technology to keep your data signal secure. The signals are transmitted directly from point to point through the lower atmosphere so there is virtually no latency. And, this signal is not affected by local or distant weather patterns — radio waves travel through rain, snow, wind, and hail. 

MHO Fixed Wireless Internet and Networking provides completely reliable and scalable bandwidth with no data caps. Upload and download speeds are the same, and your requests for adjusting bandwidth are typically provided on the same day. Plus, MHO can complete your wireless Internet installation within 10 business days of securing rights to place an antenna on your roof. It’s that fast. 

Contact MHO today to check for availability in your area and experience the fast, reliable and secure option of Fixed Wireless Internet for your business. 

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