Fixed Wireless: Not Just a Terrestrial Safety Net

Posted by Olivia Phan on May 8, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Fixed Wireless (2)Most everyone who works online to any degree already knows how important it is to have a backup system. Whether that backup is an alternative connection or a drive to the nearest coffee shop with Wi-Fi, having that backup can save a lot of business. Fixed wireless is often considered an excellent backup, but fixed wireless is more than just a backup solution. Having that backup can save companies a lot of revenue and headaches.

Better, Faster, Stronger, More

It's not just the hook of a Daft Punk song; fixed wireless Internet access has a much greater capability than some may realize. Fixed wireless Internet might bring to mind images of barely-working satellite Internet that throttles users after the fifth YouTube video of the month, but newer advances in microwave technology represent significant advances over fiber and satellite.

A properly-engineered microwave solution is able to endure even some substantially harsh weather conditions. That's a big step up from satellite by itself, and makes microwave an excellent alternative. Throw in some big improvements in latency, and the picture improves still more.

All This and Less Cost Too

Sometimes all the planets align and, in a rarity of birth, we get a technology that not only offers more, but may do so for less money than its alternatives. While this does depend on location and alternatives available, fixed wireless providers can deliver connectivity for lower cost than many terrestrial options. Given that many fixed wireless providers can offer service without data caps--unlike many current terrestrial providers--that means added value on top of lower costs.

Tomorrow's Connectivity...Today

In fact, MHO Networks' president refers to its service as "fiber in the sky," which should make it a worthwhile competitor against terrestrial fiber services. Naturally, overall speeds will vary, but fixed wireless can deliver a powerful solution without the need for terrestrial "last-mile" connectivity that can take several months to install or might be prohibitively expensive.

Naturally, fixed wireless connections vary from company to company, so be sure to check on points like security protocols, service level agreements, the ability to use voice services over the connection, and similar points.

A Connection to Count On

Add it all together, and there's a lot of clear benefit for a fixed wireless connection. Able to work in almost any weather conditions and often deliver a more robust connection than many landline equivalents, fixed wireless can be a major force in keeping a business connected. Providers like MHO Networks are ready to provide that service, and prove firsthand that fixed wireless is a connection to count on.

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