What Businesses Can Do to Improve Network Efficiency

Posted by MHO Networks on Sep 25, 2019 10:28:00 AM

Network EfficiencyModern enterprise networks demand the utmost in network efficiency. And yet, their needs are extremely complex, and there are numerous potential causes of degraded performance. Add to this a plethora of traffic types competing for the available amount of resources. A fitting analogy would be rush hour traffic in San Francisco. Too many vehicles trying to use the available freeways amounts to massive slowdowns; and any mishap only causes more delay. 

Network efficiency is a key component to the success of any size business. Benefits of an efficient network include optimized employee performance, regular security updates, and a regular and secure backup of important files and data. The benefits are obvious; the challenges are often not so easily discovered. 

Common Issues with Network Efficiency

Why do most businesses struggle with network efficiency? Any number or combination of factors can affect network efficiency, and it takes vigilance to maintain an optimum level. Here are some common issues that can impact your company network efficiency. 

  • Complex Needs
  • Management of Vendor Relationships
  • Awareness and Accessibility to Different Technologies 
  • Implementation, Integrations, and Project Management
  • Risk Factors 
  • Budgeting Restrictions 
  • Documentation

Some of these factors are more difficult to handle, as they can come from outside the IT Department’s purview, like budgeting restrictions. 

A Snapshot of Ultimate Network Efficiency 

Of course, when everything is working seamlessly in your company network, business runs smoothly and data is transmitted, handled, and used with ease. What does seamless network efficiency look like? Here is a snapshot of a perfectly running network. 

  • Redundant connections are in place, each with failover solutions at the ready. 
  • Data security is provided through separate network paths for public and private usage.
  • One interface is used to manage all communication tools.
  • Up-to-date technologies to support SaaS applications.
  • You enjoy reliable, consistent uptime with dependable SLA guarantees from your provider. 

Steps You Can Take to Improve Network Efficiency

If your business seems to fight a running battle with network efficiency, use these steps to make improvements. 

Bring out the cables 

Wi-Fi networks may be cool and convenient, but they are far less stable and cannot handle large files as fast as a wired connection. Proximity to the router is always a factor that affects performance. A direct connection provides the needed speed and stability for your vital business needs. 

Clear out network bottlenecks

Get to know your company network and look for points and times of congestion. Some times of day are busier than others and may demand an additional router to handle traffic. 

Prioritize operations based on class of service

Another way to clear bottlenecks and improve network efficiency is to assign priorities to certain vital classes of service. This guarantees them access to greater bandwidth. Some employees who handle vital tasks may need a higher priority access than others. 

Schedule large workloads for slack times 

Many large tasks that consume bandwidth and slow down your network can be scheduled for after hours, when your normal operations are curtailed, or at least reduced. This can be large-volume tasks like system updates or scheduled data backups. 

Optimize Your Technology 

Regularly restart modems and routers to clear up traffic. Be sure you have the latest updates for malware protection and perform regular scans. You should also check hardware and software to see if older versions simply cannot handle your current traffic demands. It may be time to replace components or software. 

Consider compression 

Compression uses a specific software solution to reduce the size of data frames. Reducing frame size means that frames take up less bandwidth and allow larger volumes of network traffic. Data compression does not help if your trouble lies with older, slower components or software. 

Invest in a bandwidth boost 

When all other optimization steps have been taken, and you still do not have the network efficiency you need, it’s time to invest in greater bandwidth. MHO offers business Internet solutions that are fast, reliable, and give true business-grade connectivity with scalable bandwidth speeds beginning from 10Mbps. 

For more help with improving your network efficiency, contact an MHO representative today by phone or online. We are always happy to answer your questions. Need help with determining your dedicated Internet needs? Visit our Internet provider decision tree

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