Who's Really Calling the Shots?: The Psychology Behind Connectivity Decisions in the Enterprise

Posted by MHO Networks on Aug 16, 2018 9:38:00 AM

Whos Really Calling the Shots (1)While we all like to think we’re completely in charge of our decisions, most of us are far more susceptible to psychological influences than we realize. This isn’t only the case in our personal lives. At work too, many of the decisions we make are largely determined by forces we’re simply unaware of.

Whether we know it or not, our brains regularly rely on psychological shortcuts to save time and propel us forward in life. Just because some of our decisions arise naturally doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in our best interests. Our brains frequently fallback on decisions we’ve made in the past simply because we’re still around to make more choices, not because our preferences haven proven to be in our best interests. 

When it comes to decision making, any number of factors can influence whether we choose the stairs or the elevator, the fish or the chicken, the internet service provider we know or the one we just met.
The next time you’re tasked with making a decision about your company’s internet service, here are a few ways to outsmart your brain and ensure you choose the best solution for you. 
  • Don’t automatically opt for familiarity: Day in and day out, we tend to go with what we know. And while our species’ survival is rooted in this truth, bold actions are responsible for the biggest breakthroughs in human history.

  • Don’t let fear determine your fate: Although the phrase "No one ever got fired for choosing IBM" is an axiom in our industry, the reluctance to embrace new alternatives is responsible for the demise of countless companies.

  • Remember that today’s solutions might not work tomorrow: Researching new alternatives takes time and money, and many companies would rather just stick with what already works. However, it may not be the most efficient option available.

 Resistance to change is a considerable force in many industries, especially insofar as tech is concerned. Consequently, the internet and IT decisions many businesses make often run counterintuitive to a company’s core mission.  

Don’t let your subconscious stand in the way of making the best internet service moves for your business. Think twice the next time you catch yourself in any of these thought patterns:
  • If a company doesn’t have name recognition, it won't fulfill your needs. Just because a company name doesn't register with you, doesn't mean their services aren't what you need. Take time to look into what a company offers, no matter how familiar you are with them.
  • What will your co-workers think? Don’t think twice about choosing the best internet service provider for your business--even if your colleagues haven’t heard of the business before. 
  • Bold moves can backfire, so choose big brands. Forging a new path can come with its share of drawbacks. However, this doesn't mean that the big names in the industry won't have their share of pitfalls. Choose the company that is right for you, and not just the one you believe to be the safer bet.

If you’re researching new connectivity options for your business, don’t let psychology stand in the way of choosing the best solution for your company. Explore your options and weigh them against each other to find the ideal partner for your enterprise. 

Wondering what internet service makes the most sense for your company? Contact us at MHO to learn more about how fixed wireless is innovating internet solutions for multi-location businesses. 

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