Large Healthcare Provider Experiences "Ah-Ha" Moment with MHO

Posted by MHO Networks on Apr 2, 2019 10:18:00 AM

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Case Study

MHO is a Godsend.” - David Franck, Senior Network Engineer, HCA

downloadThis is quite an extraordinary statement from an experienced corporate network engineer who is in charge of Internet and networking operations for a large medical corporation that spans two countries. And yet, concluding his testimony about how MHO handled HCAs networking and connectivity needs, this was his summary statement.

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) operates eight hospitals in the Denver, CO metro area, 150 medical sites across 20 states in the US, and several more in the UK. The public healthcare provider has more than 200,000 employees in various healthcare-related enterprises, all of whom must be able to access the Internet as well as remain constantly connected to each other.

Here’s What They Needed

Several new HCA sites opened rather quickly, and traditional providers required up to 90-day minimum waiting periods for cable, trenching, permits, and networking installations. This was far too slow for HCA’s needs. They needed these new sites connected and online as soon as possible in order for them to adequately care for patients. Their needs required:

  • Fast installation

  • Quality customer service

  • Low latency

  • High bandwidth

  • A scalable solution

Enter MHO

When approached by HCA, and after hearing their needs, MHO declared they could have these different sites up and running in three weeks. David Franck said, “I was shocked, a little bit in disbelief; but decided, OK, let’s give it a shot.”

David shared, “They delivered. It was up and running in less than three weeks. Which was ahead of our schedule. This is the first time this has ever happened.” Shortly after installation, a question arose concerning bandwidth, whether or not they had enough. With a single phone call, and within three days time, bandwidth was increased to cover any anticipated need.

“We can grow both sides with a phone call, without swapping out physical equipment. That is a huge advantage to us,” David continued.

Denver weather can be intense, with snow, rain, sleet, and sometimes all three in a single day. HCA was concerned about this type of weather impeding their Internet and network connections, due to the fixed wireless system relying on radio signals. MHOs fixed wireless allows for weather changes with technology that senses the need for a stronger signal and providing it.

According to David Franck, MHO fixed wireless has proven to be more reliable than other circuits that connect some of their locations, even in severe weather situations.

Would You Recommend MHO?

“I have to say, it (MHO fixed wireless) is more reliable than some of our land-based circuits. We love it,” declared David. “We need someone who works as fast as we do. This provider gives us the ability to do just that.” MHO is a vital tool in the HCA toolbox that allows their company to fulfill their mission: “Delivering the Highest Patient Care.”

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