[Infographic] Why is it Important to have an IT Technical Documentation Process?

Posted by MHO Networks on Aug 3, 2021 9:41:06 AM

Have you ever wondered why the IT Technical Documentation Process is so important? We will briefly explain why these processes are in place and four qualities to aim for when putting together your own.



Successful IT leaders know the necessary tools to help maintain the company's daily operations running smoothly. Part of that is having a reliable Internet connection for their network that they can depend on and focus on new tasks and strategies for optimization. 

MHO is a high-speed data service (Dedicated Enterprise Internet and Metro Ethernet) with faster install times than traditional carriers (10 business day install), unmatched scalability, complete path redundancy, and guaranteed network performance with a reliability of 99.99% uptime. Every connection is FCC licensed, delivered using premium carrier grade equipment through a Point-to-Point fixed wireless technology.

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Topics: Infographic, Documentation Management, IT Planning

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