Benefits of Fixed Wireless in Colorado

Posted by MHO Networks on Apr 12, 2023 9:21:59 AM

Fixed Wireless in COColorado has a unique pattern of weather and terrain conditions that can contribute to Internet reliability problems. Because of this, it is vital to understand the benefits of an alternate Internet method to more traditional options like fiber. Let’s explore the benefits of using Fixed Wireless Internet in Colorado.  

Common Natural Disasters in the Centennial State

Colorado experiences some unique and potentially devastating natural disasters throughout the year, despite the typical year-round sunshine. These natural phenomena can impact more traditional Internet sources and leave your business disconnected and vulnerable. 

  1. Snowstorms — Heavy snow is not uncommon across Colorado and severe snowstorms bring everything to a screeching halt. In 2003, nearly 32 inches of snow blanketed parts of the state for several days, and in March 2021, over 27 inches of snow was recorded in Denver. Heavy snow cover can disrupt satellite connections and freezing can damage cables and fiber networks, requiring timely and often extensive repairs. 
  2. Droughts Climate change is among the hottest topics, especially when it contributes to severe droughts. Exceptionally dry weather can cause wildfires and deadly heat waves that damage infrastructure, including Internet connections, and make repairs incredibly difficult. 
  3. MudslidesMudslides and landslides are huge displacements of rock, soil, and other surface fill that move en-masse down a slope and cause considerable damage. Mudslides can travel faster than a person can run, making these natural disasters particularly deadly. The huge, sudden mass movement of material can dramatically alter the landscape in just a few moments, even unearthing buried cables damaging other vital structures. 
  4. Floods — Although not very common in Colorado, floods do occur and cause some of the worst destruction in the state. Flooding in 2013 caused over $1 billion in property and infrastructure damage, some of which took months to repair; eight people were killed. 
  5. Wildfires — Colorado is no stranger to wildfires, but this natural phenomenon has escalated in recent decades due to droughts, lightning, high winds, and human interference. In fact, the ten largest wildfires have all happened in the past two decades, one-third just in 2020. Wildfires pose particular risks for damaging important Internet infrastructure and buildings. 
  6. Tornadoes — Well known for their potential destructive power, tornadoes occur frequently in Colorado, as the state averages 47 per year, one of the leading averages among all other states. In late May 2021, 16 tornadoes occurred over a single weekend; 27 developed in a single day in 2000. Tornadoes are a major concern when building Internet infrastructure. 
  7. Hail Storms — Colorado is the most active state in the country for hailstorms, which have caused an incredible $5 billion in damages over the last decade. Hail damages buildings, vehicles, and everything else unlucky enough to be unable to escape its devastation. This includes important infrastructure and components that deliver satellite, cable, and fiber Internet to customers throughout the state. 
  8. Wind — High winds are common across the mountains and valleys of Colorado, causing extensive damage and driving wildfires and other natural disasters. Colorado’s unique topography makes it more conducive to high wind activity, and this is an important factor when planning any construction or infrastructure projects in the state. 
  9. Lightning Strikes — Colorado sees approximately 500,000 lightning strikes each year, causing about half of the state’s wildfires. Lightning strikes are well-known to damage property, particularly high structures or those at greater risk for electrical interference. 

Fixed Wireless for Reliable Business Internet and Networking

The natural disasters described above can have significant impacts on data/Internet connections and your business network. In addition to the direct damage they can cause to buildings and critical infrastructure, the extended power outages they frequently cause can leave your business cut off and unable to carry out online operations. 

Fixed Wireless Internet from MHO in Colorado is an extremely beneficial option for your business Internet and networking. Fixed Wireless is not affected by wind, rain, or other weather, and rarely has problems from the above natural occurrences. It can be a reliable primary source for Internet connectivity or a trusted backup connection in your redundancy and diversity plan. 

To maintain your business Internet connection in Colorado, we recommend: 

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