Best 9 Podcasts for IT Leaders in 2023

Posted by MHO Networks on Aug 17, 2023 9:00:00 AM

PodcastWelcome to the age of podcasts and alternative media. Never before has a society had so much access to voices, opinions, and technical knowledge. It has the ability to propel our culture to another level. There is literally something for everyone and every topic you can imagine. 

The best podcasts for technology leaders continue to improve and grow. From amazing guests, instructional episodes, and how to become a leader, your time can be well spent learning in these areas. Knowing that such a huge amount of choice exists, we wanted to make this a little easier on you and curate some of our favorites. 

The leaders at MHO share our choices for the best nine podcasts for IT leaders in 2023. 

Tech Lead Journal

The Tech Lead Journal podcast features IT leader, Cloud advocate, and personal growth learner Henry Suryawirawan as he hosts experienced technical leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. He delves deep into their personal success journeys and unpacks their philosophies of excellence. Learn from the best in IT and how to incorporate those lessons into your own team. 

CIO Leadership Live

Leaders in every industry can benefit from the CIO Leadership Live podcast, including IT professionals. It is in our list of the best podcasts for technology leaders because of the vast range of knowledge available from its list of top-tier guests. Hosted by Maryfran Johnson and produced by and their elite CIO Executive Council, this program features the top IT leaders of today in what is perhaps the largest concentration of business IT professionals and CIOs. Their insights and expertise are unparalleled. You can also find this podcast on YouTube and LinkedIn. 


The Compiler podcast from RedHat features insights and simplified information from curiosity-driven hosts Angela Andrews and Brent Simoneaux. Together, they compile what every super-busy IT leader needs to know to stay on top of trending and emerging technologies for business. Keep up with the latest perspectives, opinions, industry trends, and more, all boiled down into digestible form. 

My, Myself, and AI

This interesting resource hosted by Sam Ransbotham and Shervin Khodabandeh is on our list of the best podcasts for technology leaders because of its unique perspective on AI in business.  Me, Myself, and AI seeks to continually ask and answer the question, “Why do only 10% of companies succeed with AI?” Their mission is to figure it out by harvesting expertise and insights from leading IT and AI professionals across the globe. 

Darknet Diaries

Boasting “true stories from the dark side of the Internet,” the Darknet Diaries podcast delves into the netherworld of IT breaches, hacktivism and hackers, cybercrime, shadow government activity, and other illicit practices on the dark web. Explore these troublesome topics and stories to learn how to safeguard your IT department against threats. 

One reviewer said the stories on this podcast will make you want to “cover your laptop camera, throw that iPhone in the river, and hang out in that weird no-reception corner of your home.” Listen in if you dare. 

Zima Red

Explore the metaverse and delve into numerous IT-related topics like Crypto, web3, NFTs, AR, VR, AI, and more with host Andrew Steinwold and the many interesting guests on the Zima Red podcast. He and his knowledgeable subject matter experts explain how the metaverse affects all of us and how more understanding can lead to great success in your industry and business. 

Risky Business

The Risky Business podcast ( is hosted by noted cybersecurity expert and journalist Patrick Gray, and senior expert at the Australian and New Zealand cybersecurity company CyberCX, Adam Boileau. This resource seeks to help IT professionals arm themselves and protect their companies from cybercrime. They routinely demonstrate the veracity of their byline, “It’s a jungle out there,” but provide helpful insights, news, techniques, and technology to combat bad actors and those who would hack and steal from your business and your clients. 


T200 is a movement that seeks to elevate women IT professionals by highlighting their contributions in business and technology. The T200Cast supports this goal by sharing women IT leaders and their journeys to success and their experiences along the way. More than ever, women are learning to connect, learn, and lead at the highest levels of IT, and this resource is an inspirational and informational resource every female IT leader should follow. 

Lex Fridman 

Researcher, teacher, and technology guru Lex Fridman explores deep topics about AI, technology, intelligence, consciousness, love, and power in sometimes meandering but always interesting conversations with some of the world’s leaders in information technology. Notable past guests include Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Rogan, Vitalik Buterin, Dan Carlin, Roger Penrose, Jordan Peterson, Richard Dawkins, Leonard Susskind, and Kanye West

Share Your Best Podcasts for Technology Leaders!

Where do you tune in for the best podcasts for technology leaders? Share your links with us in the comments below. We’d love to learn more about great IT resources for leaders. 

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