5 Must Haves in Your Networking Plan

Posted by MHO Networks on Oct 8, 2018 11:38:00 AM

5 Must Haves in Your Network Plan (1)As with any worthy goal, a sound networking plan is worth the time invested. While some may think that networking equipment and providers are essentially standardized, and one size will fit all businesses, they are grossly mistaken.

When engaging in network planning for your business, your goals, purposes, size, and anticipated future expansion must all be taken into account. Costs, equipment, and personnel, of course, will also be key factors. However, your network must be designed to meet the current and projected needs of your business.

As you begin the process of network planning and investigating network providers, there are generally five essential components every network needs, regardless of your company’s size. In today’s high-speed digital business environment, these are considered must-haves in your networking plan.


1. Network Performance Requirements

Essentially, your network must be capable of transmitting and receiving the data you need to do business, at the speeds for which you need it, all the time. Period. Key issues to discuss with potential network providers are:

  • Bandwidth
  • Latency
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Upgrades

You need to know that your network performance will meet or exceed the needs of your business, now and in the future. Where do you plan to be in five years? Ten? Will your current network support your needs then? Is it upgradeable?

2. Network Redundancies

This means having backup network equipment in place for every mission-critical component in your network. Two or more servers, backup connections to the Internet, and an auxiliary power source are just the basics. At a minimum, consider installing redundant components for every part of the network that you cannot do without for more than one hour.

3. Network Staffing Plan

Who will handle the nuts and bolts of maintaining, adding or moving your network? Whether you employ your own dedicated IT team or sublet those duties out to outside professionals, the personnel who will be charged with operating and maintaining your network are important. Skilled, experienced, and reliable personnel are a must. Don’t trust your important networking functions to a novice.

4. Network Privacy Policy

The current watchword across networking and the Internet is security. With the introduction of the GDPR in Europe and similar pending legislation in some of the United States, businesses are being forced to tighten up how they handle clients’ personal information. Not only does your company need its own policy for handling consumer data, your network provider should enforce an airtight set of procedures as well. This not only protects them as a provider; it adds another layer of security for your important business and client data.

5. Network Customer Service and Support

What happens if your network goes down? The fact remains that in most cases, when you experience network issues, it is with something outside your control, but within the purview of your networking company. In your network planning, be sure to include servicing and support parameters and what will be needed in the event of a network problem. While speed in restoring service is important, quality service is also a key consideration.


For many businesses, it is impossible to handle all the networking nuts and bolts they need to thrive. MHO covers all of these bases. Our business networking and Internet solutions are fast, reliable, and provide true business-grade connectivity with great bandwidth speeds. Why not connect with us today for all your network performance needs?  

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